The Road to BQ: Week 9

Well, here goes nothing. My good friend Janice (badass woman and founder of The Mentor Method) recently suggested that I start documenting my training to give others a peek into what I’m doing and how I’m catching all of the amazing sunrises on Lady Bird Lake.

My first instinct was “eh, nobody could be that interested.” But, upon further reflection — shoutout to therapy! — I decided to give it a go for a couple of reasons. Or rather, one large reason… I don’t like writing. And I really don’t like writing about my feelings. And I really don’t like writing about my feelings related to something I care so deeply about.

So here we are, trying something I’m not good at that makes me uncomfortable. This is the first, and hopefully not last, blog post about my training to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I’m sure we’ll get into why I’m doing this and how I even ended up setting that as a goal eventually, but let me ease into the deep stuff. We’ll start with the logistics.

I’m going to structure these blog posts loosely following Lauren Fleshman’s Compete Training Journal, which is my primary place for documenting how training is going. (The secondary place is TrueCoach.) If you’re a runner, I cannot recommend this or the Believe Training Journal highly enough. This is the second one I’ve used and I really love it.

Without further ado…

Intention: Excitement. This is the first week of a new mesocycle which means new workouts and new things to learn.

Setting intentions for training is new for me, but I’ve found it really useful so far. It provides something to call on when a workout gets tough.

Monday, 1/6/2020: 400m Repeats

  • 1.5-mile warmup
  • 400m x 10 @ 3k pace, rest 3:00
  • 1.5-mile cooldown

This was fun! Like, real fun. I never thought I could be fast or could enjoy speedwork but I’m into it. The weekend prior to this workout I learned how to program workouts into my Garmin so all I need to do is hit “start” and go and it’s been a gamechanger. Not having to think about the distance or rest time or what set I’m on means all I need to do is run fast.

Tuesday, 1/7/2020: Gym Workout

I don’t run on Tuesdays right now and am not going to use this to go into the work I’m doing in the gym quite yet. After the next mesocycle, we’ll shift the focus there to more things that support running and when that happens, I’ll consider including it here.

Wednesday, 1/8/2020: Mile Repeats

  • 2-mile warmup
  • 1 mile x 3 @ 10k pace, r2:00
  • 2-mile cooldown

Another fun one! This was a good learning experience for figuring out how to speed up to the target pace and then settle in for the entire mile. Ended up running 8:15–8:13–8:11. Good shit!

Thursday, 1/9/2020: Rest Day!

This means sleeping in and taking it easy. Goals are 10K steps (usually means a long walk around the lake) and staying hydrated.

Friday, 1/10/2020: Long Run

14 miles @ sustained pace

9:06 avg

I’ve been struggling with my long runs over the last few weeks, mainly due to my own expectations. This week was all about staying calm and remembering that I’m “putting miles, not speed, in the bank” and that they’re both important. It was still tough, but I’m getting better. Plus, it was pretty warm so that threw a bit of a curveball my way. I was desperately thirsty when I finished up.

Saturday, 1/11/2020: Casual Run

8 miles @ sustained pace

8:53 avg

This was gnarly. I did NOT want to be running for the first 7 miles. I was tired, hungry, sore, etc. This was also the first week of running 4 days/week so I was used to resting on Saturday. Suffered through, begrudgingly, until magic happened… runner’s high! Something finally clicked into place at the end of mile 7 and I flew through the last mile at 8:01 feeling amazing. Here’s to more of that this season.

Sunday, 1/12/2020: Rest Day!

Total Mileage: 34.5

Rundown: Here’s what I wrote in my journal: “It was easier to stick with my intention (excitement) on fun days, but overall a really good week of workouts. Learned about pacing on 400s & mile repeats & looking forward to seeing how they feel next week.”



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